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Edna Golandsky – Piano

Edna A graduate of the Julliard School, Edna Golandsky is the Artistic Director of the Golandsky Institute, New York which she co-founded in 2003. Described by Dorothy Taubman as 'the leading authority on the Taubman Approach to instrumental playing' Ms Golandsky has lectured and led masterclasses worldwide on the technique, described by one student as 'a comprehensive system of totally organized, economical motion that is relaxed and effortless'.

For the Cambridge Symposium, she will lead two days of classes which are open to piano players who are welcome to attend either as auditors or participants.

"Edna Golandsky is a consummate expert of piano technique and musical artistry. The depth of her analytical ability surpasses anything I have encountered. Her work frees performers, enabling them to realize their full potential."
Ilya Itin, concert pianist - 1st prize and special Chopin Prize, Robert Casadesus Int'l Piano Competition, 1991 Cleveland 1st prize, Contemporary Music Award and BBC TV viewers poll, Leeds Int'l Piano Competition, 1996 UK.

"In the beginning, I was not a believer - I, frankly, was not interested. I thought the Taubman Institute was some cult, like a hippie club or something. In the end, I was completely won over, not only by the intelligence but by the results."
Gabriela Montero - bronze medalist at the 1995 Chopin International Piano Competition

Sophie Till – Violin

Sophie The experience of applying the Taubman Approach to the violin has opened an entirely new world of technical and musical possibilities for violinists. The combination of this approach with the clarity and thoroughness of its pedagogy is producing revolutionary results.

Sophie Till, Head of the String Program at the Marywood Institute PA, has been working with Edna Golandsky on the application of the Taubman Approach for the violin and is the first ever non-pianist to be appointed associate faculty at the Golandsky Institute.

"I contacted Sophie just over a year ago when I was having wrist pain and playing-related anxiety. So much of the traditional teaching methods resulted in pain or restriction of movement, not only for myself but for many of my colleagues. I knew from the first session we had, that Sophie's teaching and the Taubman/Golandsky Approach was going to be something big for me, and that finally I had found someone who was able to answer the myriad of questions I had about string playing."

Rachel Smith, Professional Violinist - Principal First Violin Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Northern Sinfonia, Director of Stradbroke Chamber Music Festival, Australia